Friday, June 24, 2011

A Year Without

A whole year has passed since my last blog. However, time is not linear to those of us walking an esoteric path. So in my reality, I am always blogging. Ideas come to me everywhere, everyday, always. The wind blows and I long to write about its refreshing powers. The sun rises and my heart soars. The sun sets and I contemplate solace. Rain falls and I am renewed again. Weather is an ever present source of inspiration and yet the powers of Mother Nature ought not to be taken lightly. The Source of all that is can not (and will not) be contained merely in a thunderstorm or a tornado. We hide behind technology and sequester ourselves with ideas and yet when Mother Nature flexes her muscles we are helpless.

Do not let an entire year pass without doing that which most brings joy into your life. Smell the roses but mind the thorns. And in the meantime, I'll whip this blog into shape!